Dec 24, 2021

La Coquette – December 1926

The French fashion magazine La Coquette No. 167 for December 1926 displayed on 28 pages some 100 models of afternoon dresses, winter coats, street costumes and wedding dresses as well as elegant evening and ball gowns for festive dance events at the turn of the year 1926/27.

One color page presents an impressive period dress for the evening, which broke the straight fashion line of the time with its baroque-like flared skirt.

Dec 12, 2021

Charles William Stores Inc. 1925-26

New York mail-order company Charles William Stores Inc. featured the latest in women's, men's and children's fashions in its fall and winter catalog for 1925-26 150 of the 330 pages are now online. In addition to the straight lines of women's fashions, the new bell-shaped wide skirt competed for supremacy in dresses and coats. Men's suits received another cut and were worn with new wide pants.

You will now find over 7,700 pages on

Nov 14, 2021

Philipsborn’s 1919-20

With 244 pages, Philipsborn's Fall and Winter catalog for 1919-20 is now completely online with all original English item descriptions previously only 130 pages have been published. Women's dresses and skirts in 1919 featured the peg-top silhouette through protruding pockets or draped fabric and tapered to the hem of the skirt. Double ruching or frills standing up both sides or scroll embroidery were distinctive fashion notes.

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Oct 24, 2021

Modenschau – October 1931

In the October 1931 issue of Modenschau No. 226, the first transitional models for the winter of 1931/32 were presented. Evening coats and elegant dresses for society in slim, graceful lines alternated with children's fashions, visiting, afternoon and wedding dresses. Articles were devoted to "language as a mirror of the times," the "nervous child," or the "lady's stocking."

You will now find over 7,500 pages on

Sep 25, 2021

Hamilton Garment Co. 1921-22

The New York department store Hamilton Garment Co. presented the collection for the cold season in the fall/winter catalog 1921-22. The deep waistline began to prevail. Costumes and dresses were enhanced with intricate embroidery. Four exclusive fur coats were of silk seal plush and mole cloth with fur collars and cuffs of Kolinsky coney (rabbit), beaver or Australian opossum. Fur scarfs and chokers made of Siberian wolf, Macedonian goat, red fox, southern sable, squirrel or marmot were every elegant lady's dream.

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