Sep 11, 2022

National Cloak & Suit Co. 1917-18

"Styles March On — but this year they march to the tune of fife and drum!" The women's coats in the National Cloak & and Suit Co. mail-order catalog for fall and winter 1917-18, in particular, show a distinct military influence. Another 112 pages with the full English item descriptions are now online 22 of those 112 pages are color prints.

You will now find over 8,600 pages in the database.

Aug 21, 2022

Modenschau – August 1930

"Although nature still delights us with hot summer days, […] fashion designers are busily working on the fall and winter models." The Modenschau issue no. 212 for August 1930 brought the first transitional models for dresses, ensembles and autumn coats for the approaching fall season. In addition, the issue presents a selection of elegant afternoon and evening dresses as well as wedding gowns.

You will now find over 8,500 pages in the database.

Jul 31, 2022

Chicago Mail Order Co. 1922

Another 104 pages from the Chicago Mail Order Co. catalog for spring and summer 1922 are now accessible with English item descriptions. Among the new pages are not only women's dresses, coats, shoes or costumes, but also pages for human hair pieces, handbags, gloves, home textiles, special offers and ornaments to garnish untrimmed hats.

In the database of you can now find well over 8,400 pages.

Jul 10, 2022

Perry, Dame & Co. 1916

The wide crinoline skirt with side draping determined the fashion in 1916. The now complete catalog of the New York mail order company Perry, Dame & Co. for spring and summer 1916 displays on 148 pages summer dresses made of georgette crêpe or chiffon as well as costumes, skirts, blouses, hats, underwear, corsets, shoes and children's clothing previously only 19 pages of the catalog were online.

In the database of you will now find far more than 8,300 pages.

Jun 19, 2022

Modenschau – June 1929

"It has now become a matter of fact: the waistline has arrived at its natural position!" proclaimed the Fashion Report of the June 1929 issue of Modenschau No. 198. All summer dresses for the afternoon and evening, as well as ensembles and jumper dresses, show the higher waistline. In addition, the issue also presents beach and swimwear.

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