May 7, 2023

Modenschau – May 1928

The first dresses for the hot midsummer days were presented in Modenschau issue no. 185 for May 1928. While the day and sports dresses still showed the simple fashion line, the afternoon dresses gained a new feminine touch with asymmetrical lines, cascade arrangements or pointed skirts.

The articles in this issue are "The Car for Everyone," "The Elegance of the Small Accessories" or "The Chinese Woman of Tomorrow." You will now find over 9,500 pages on

Apr 9, 2023

National Cloak & Suit Co. 1923

By the spring of 1923, the low waistline had fully arrived in fashion. Instead of 58 pages, you will now find 170 pages from the 354-page National Cloak & Suit Co. catalog for spring and summer 1923.
The fashion line was defined by the basque dress or robe de style with a smooth and tight fitting bodice and a very wide, full skirt, which was further accentuated by loosely falling side panels, tunics or apron parts. You will now find over 9,400 pages on

Mar 12, 2023

Modenschau – March 1928

A preview of spring and summer fashions was provided by Modenschau issue no. 183 for March 1928. One-sided fabric draperies and pointed skirt panels gave afternoon dresses a new feminine touch, while street suits and costumes still remained decidedly masculine.

Fully digitized, translated and readable are the articles "The Housewife's Eight-Hour Day," "The Main Clash in the Family. Mother and Daughter" and "In Defense of the Mother." You will now find on over 9,300 pages.

Feb 19, 2023

Modenschau – February 1927

"When winter is drawing to a close, but there is still little sign of spring," the woman of the nineteen-twenties began to think about her spring wardrobe. In addition to the knee-short skirt and low waistline, Modenschau issue no. 170 for February 1927 presented styles with slightly puffed lower sleeves or deep and wide set-in sleeves.
Articles were devoted to the well-groomed hair of the fashionable lady of 1927 (p. 1) or to the "Gentleman in Spring" (p. 5), an article dedicated to men's fashion.

Jan 28, 2023

Chicago Mail Order Co. 1932-33

Hollywood stars such as Lila Lee, Claudia Dell and Sidney Fox advertised the latest fashions in the Chicago Mail Order Co. catalog for fall and winter 1932-33 now with 150 pages online instead of 39. Flamboyant fur collars and spiraled sleeves gave the coats a luxurious touch amid the Great Depression. Puffed dress sleeves and ladies' hats tilted to one side of the face were fashionable.

Today, you will find over 9,200 pages in the database.

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