Oct 1, 2020

Modenschau – October 1930

Now the Modenschau issue no. 214 from October 1930 is also complete - so far only 20 pages have been online. The simple day and afternoon dresses are joined in the fashion section by several models with autumn costumes and winter coats with rich fur trimmings.

Text contributions were dedicated to the topics "Beauty in old age", "Living silhouettes" (silhouette animation films by Lotte Reiniger, 1899-1981) or the topic "Civilization and childlessness".

Sep 23, 2020

Modehaus Thomas Rupp 1933-34

Women's coats made of bouclé, velour, crewl and marengo fabric with Persian, silver fox opossum, shiraz or lambskin collars are shown in the 8-page catalog of the Nuremberg fashion house Thomas Rupp for Fall/Winter 1933. In addition to coats, the catalog also presents youthful dresses, afternoon and evening gowns.

The consistent use of photographs by the Berlin studio Bruno Winterfeld makes the catalogue appear modern even today.

Sep 17, 2020

Hänsel-Echo No. 8 – 1930

The issue of the company magazine Hänsel-Echo No. 8 for fall and winter 1930-31 is also complete with immediate effect. In the 16-page company newsletter from Hänsel & Co AG from Forst (Lausitz, Germany) is also enclosed with the original cover letter.

In the magazine you will find street and business suits, visiting and evening wear, coats and sportswear for men as well as articles on men's fashion for fall 1930, information on the processing of Hänsel products and the padding technique.

Sep 8, 2020

Modenschau – September 1930

The Modenschau issue no. 213 from September 1930 is now also complete - so far only 18 pages were online. About 120 models show practical street dresses, afternoon dresses, autumn costumes and coats as well as first evening dresses for the ball season. Articles dealt with "Californian Fruits" (film series The Little Rascals), "What the Face Reveals" and the first electric dishwashers for home use.

From now on you will find over 6,100 pages in the database of

Aug 25, 2020

Modenschau – August 1932

Around 150 new transitional models for autumn were presented in the August 1932 issue of Modenschau No. 236, with the special highlight of the autumn coats and costumes being the wide lapel front, which was buttoned on one side. The upper part of the body was additionally emphasized by shoulder flounces and capes. In addition to a range of day and night dresses, the magazine also contains beautiful wedding dresses.

On you will now find over 6,000 pages in the database.

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