Dec 24, 2022

Modenschau – December 1928

Modenschau Issue No. 192 for December 1928 was a special edition with 88 pages. The issue featured several pages of the most beautiful evening fashions for the 1928/29 ball season. While the daytime fashion still followed the uniform line, the evening gowns presented a tendency to lengthen the skirt and the new higher waistline. A colorfully illustrated gloss takes the reader into the fashions of the past.

You will now find over 9,100 pages in the database.

Dec 11, 2022

La Coquette – December 1924

The straight-lined sheath dress, shirt-like cuts, and the long smock blouse defined the line of dresses for women's fashion in late 1924. The French edition of the German Modenschau La Coquette No. 143 for December 1924 presented 60 dresses on 20 pages for home, town, afternoon tea, or formal evening receptions, as well as coats, costumes, children's clothing, and blouses. Echoes of the Directoire, long scarf ends and dresses with fur trim were popular fashion details then.

Nov 27, 2022

Philipsborn's 1922-23

"Brown! Brown! Brown! All the Rage!!!" proclaimed the Phlilipsborn's catalog for fall and winter 1922-23. Whether Havana, reindeer or beaver brown, in light or dark shades, brown dominated fall fashions in 1922. Bell-shaped kimono and slit butterfly sleeves were fashionable for blouses and dresses, while low waists held sway. 160 pages from the catalog are now online (until now only 45).

In the database of you will find over 9,000 pages now.

Oct 30, 2022

Chicago Mail Order Co. 1930-31

Luxurious shawl collars of coney (rabbit), lamb, vicuna or wolf were found on nearly every women's coat offered in the Chicago Mail Order Co. catalog for fall and winter 1930-31. Another 128 pages from the catalog are now public. The new pages include dresses, hats, underwear, shoes, men's fashions, toys, and imported children's clothing from Austria (p. 172) and France (p. 173).

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Oct 2, 2022

Hamilton Garment Co. 1924-25

The Hamilton Garment catalog for fall and winter 1924-25 presents the then modern straight fashion line in coats and sheath dresses. Opossum, wolf or rabbit fur served as trim for elegant coats. Fur chokers and scarfs were furthermore made of German fitch, Siberian squirrel or Korean mink. Chinese mahjong characters were found on blouses and cloche hats.

You will now find over 8,700 pages in the database of

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