May 28, 2021

Modenschau – May 1927

The May 1927 issue of Modenschau No. 173 is dedicated to summer holidays. Short-sleeved summer dresses with flounces and tiered skirts as well as trimmings, smocking, bows or fine ruffles were presented for the warm summer days. Travel suits, sports dresses, beach and bathing suits or knee-length dirndl dresses for country stays offered a rich selection for the lady on a journey.

Ads promoted Schwarzkopf dry shampoo, AEG iron or Odol.

May 11, 2021

Modenschau – May 1931

Modenschau Issue No. 221 of May 1931 was all about summer fashion. Sports and tennis dresses, light street costumes and ensembles, and filmy summer and evening gowns were presented, alongside the latest beach fashions. Articles asked "Do you already have a new beach suit?", were devoted to the topics of "Modern interior design" or the question "Price reductionjust a buzzword?"

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Apr 20, 2021

B. Altman & Co. 1921

B. Altman & Co. was one of the most famous luxury department stores in the United States, located on New York's Fifth Avenue. The department store catalog of B. Altman & Co. for spring and summer 1921 presents on 126 pages exclusive women's, men's and children's fashions for all ages as well as underwear, swimwear, shoes, household textiles or even cameras and silverware. About half of the catalog shows photographic images.

The database now comprises more than 6,900 pages.

Mar 30, 2021

Modenschau – April 1931

The basic fashion line in the spring of 1931 showed a high and narrow waistline. Dresses for daytime reached calf length, while skirts became longer and longer towards the evening. The April 1931 Easter issue of Modenschau No. 220 presented a selection of ensembles and sports dresses alongside elegant spring coats, afternoon and tea dresses for the start of the warmer season.

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Mar 12, 2021

Die Wienerin – March 1928

The Austrian fashion magazine Die Wienerin No. 93 from March 1928 shows 215 models on 44 pages. While the morning, street and sports dresses propagated the extremely plain and androgynous line, afternoon and tea dresses presented themselves in a much softer style.

Furthermore, spring coats, costumes, communion and confirmation dresses for girls, wedding dresses as well as boudoir pajamas and elegant matinée gowns are shown.

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