Fashion from 1916 to 1933

Welcome to the successor site of! On you currently find 10567 pages with fashion illustrations from European and US-American magazines and mail-order catalogues from the time between 1916 and 1933. I wish you a lot of fun on your journey through the golden years of fashion!

  • National Cloak & Suit Co. 1924

    Apr 28, 2024 — 

    There are now 150 pages online from the catalog of the National Cloak & Suit Co. for spring and summer 1924 previously there were only 29. The impact of the Egyptomania of the previous year was still evident in the women's dresses. The straight fashion line began to prevail. Men's summer suits were made from fabrics such as Coolkenny Crash, Panama Cloth or Palm Beach Cloth for the warm days.

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  • Philipsborn's 1924

    Mar 17, 2024 — 

    In 1924, the Chinese tile game Mah-Jongg created a craze in the USA, which also spread to mail order companies. The Philipsborn's catalog for spring and summer 1924, which is now online with 250 pages, features Mah-Jongg sandals (p. 163), Mah-Jongg jewelry and the game itself (p. 105). Ladies' dresses and clothes were available to be ordered in the fashion colors Chinese red or Chinese blue.

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  • B. Altman & Co. 1924

    Feb 18, 2024 — 

    The slim fashion line, which fell straight from the shoulders to the hem, had firmly established itself by 1924. In the newly uploaded B. Altman & Co. for spring and summer 1924, you will find 134 pages of day, afternoon and elegant evening wear in the upper price range for women. Furthermore, you will find sportswear, swimwear, underwear, corsets, children's fashion and, to a limited extent, fashion for men.

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  • Stern Brothers & Co. 1917

    Jan 21, 2024 — 

    The barrel skirt started to replace the wide war crinoline in early 1917, while the war in Europe also became a strain on US trade. The catalog of the New York City department store Stern Brothers & Co. for spring and summer 1917 sold on 68 pages women's suits, afternoon and evening dresses, underwear, shoes, girls' and boys' clothing, household textiles and to a limited extend men's clothing.

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