Modenschau, Issue #214, October 1930

Fashion illustrations and editorial content from the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) no. 214 for October 1930. Published by Gustav Lyon, Berlin, Germany.

Pages in total: 64 (62 online, page 7/8 missing)

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Front page or cover of the German fashion magazine Modenschau (English title: Fashion Show, subtitle: Illustrated monthly magazine for home and society) No. 214 of October 1930. 5479: Bolero dress in blue wool Georgette with bow effect. White serrated neckline. Harmonious sleeve trimming. 5480: Dress in light patterned woolen fabric with wine-red trimming, for girls aged 4 to 8 years. A sash is pulled through at the base of the pleated skirt. Publishing company Gustav Lyon, Berlin SO 16 - Delivery for the book trade in Germany Wilhelm Opetz, Leipzig. Titel illustration/title drawing: "Ga" (Gerhard Georg August Gagelmann or Gert Gagelmann, 1902-1964).

Article: O. V., Anecdotes. Advertising: Bahlsen, Leibniz cookie "contains only the finest dairy butter". Information from the publisher: Below are the rates for Lyon patterns (large pattern, small pattern, small pattern, small pattern, cuts according to personal measurements, flattening patterns as well as piercing breaks) as well as information on the normal sizes for women, girls and boys.

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Front page of the German Illustrated Fashion Show (subtitle: Zeitschrift für Heim und Gesellschaft) No. 214 of October 1930. The title page shows a large-format photograph of a smiling lady looking past the camera lens on the side. The caption reads: "The tight-fitting velvet cap has prevailed for this winter; in the combination of black and white it is particularly dressable and elegant". Photo: Ifag.

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Article: Gevel, Claude, Pussi, the Heir (by Claude Gevel, 1886-1968). The illustration above shows a landscape. In the left background there is a castle-like collection of houses. In the foreground there is a tree, a stall and sitting people. Illustration/drawing: unsigned (probably Hans Ewald Kossatz (1901-1985).

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Article: Hecht, Dr. Robert, beauty in old age (by Dr. Robert Hecht, biographical data unknown). The article is accompanied by the photograph of an elderly lady and an elderly gentleman. The captions are "Rabindranath Tagore [1861-1941], the famous Indian poet, also highly honoured in Germany" and "Gabriele Reuter [1859-1941], who as a novelist has created a large community". Photos: Erfurth; Elvira.

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5596: Distinctive visitor's dress in dark colored wool Georgette. The model is enlivened by a light-colored lined shawl that falls onto the skirt formed by three shaped flounces. The bloused waist closes in a row. The slim sleeves are trimmed with buttons. 5597: Elegant afternoon dress in dark blue marocaine. Ivory crepe de chine makes up the trimming, which also has an aperture trim with embroidered shells. Effective bell skirt, extended backwards. 5598: Wintry dress in bottle-green wool marocaine, with champagne-colored Georgette trimming. The skirt is finished with two flat flounces, which are interrupted in the center front by a narrow band. Ball knobs. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City (biographical data unknown).

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5599: Beautiful winter coat in brown velours de laine with a clothing set of raccoon. Wide superimposed form, held together by a fabric belt. 5600: Practical dress in fantasy tweed; collar and sleeves are garnished with plain material. The dress is worked with effective cut effects, which form folds on the skirt. 5601/02: Costume in tobacco-colored wool fabric. Cut effects together with quilting and a beautiful fox collar make up the garnish. With blouse of light crepe de Chine. Photos: Joel Feder, New York City (Biographical data unknown).

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Article: Becker, H., Living Silhouettes (by H. Becker, unknown). The contribution presents three still images from silhouette animation films. The two captions read "Above and right: Scenes from the silhouette film 'Prinz Achmed' [from 1926, note M. K.] by Lotte Reiniger [1899-1981]. This type of film, literally black-and-white art, lives from the painterly imagination that joins the artistically conceived marionettes to a cultivated fairy tale film. Both images are taken from the interesting illustration work 'Filmphotos wie nie nie', published by Kindt u. Bucher G.m.b.H., Gießen" and "Unten: Funny dialogue between the famous Dr. Dolittle and his lion. The adventures of this animal-friendly doctor were also widely broadcast by the Berliner Rundfunk". Photos: Publishing house Kindt u. Bucher G.m.b.H.; Ufa.

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Article: Hirsch-Matzdorff, Dr. med. Alice, your beauty care (red eyelids, sweat trickles, cold feet; by Dr. med. Alice Hirsch-Matzdorff, life data unknown). Advertising: "On the stove her hair loses its delicate scent if not washed regularly. Therefore you should at least wash your head every week. You can do this without worrying if you use Schwarzkopf Schaumpon-Extra for washing", Schwarzkopf Schaumpon-Extra (shampoo) and Schwarzkopf Hair Shine. Photo: Straub.

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Article: Zigan, Emma, Modern Women's Vocations. Fur farming (by Emma Zigan). The article shows a photographic image of Emma Zigan standing between four fur cages in her garden. The caption reads "The author of our article feeds her mink animals". Advertising: "Neuschöpfungen zur Rundfunksaison 1930/31", Geatron '33 and Geadem '33 by AEG, three-tube mains receiver RM 150,- for alternating current, RM 160,- for direct current, four-tube mains receiver RM 305,- for alternating current, RM 332,- for direct current.