M. W. Savage Co., Spring/Summer 1927

Fashion, furniture, farm and household supplies and automotive accessories from the mail order catalog no. 50 of the M. W. Savage Company from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1927.

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Front page or cover of the mail order catalog no. 50 of the M. W. Savage Company from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., for spring and summer 1927. Send to Savage (U.S. Mail). Catalog No. 50. Spring and Summer 1927. Guarantee. Every article in this Catalog is guaranteed to be just exactly as illustrated and described. We guarantee every purchase made from us to be entirely satisfactory. If for any reason you are not thoroughly satisfied with any article purchased from us, or if you do not consider you have received excellent value for your money, we want you to return it at our expense and your money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded, together with any transportation charges paid. The Savage Guarantee is a Guarantee that means everything. M. W. SAVAGE CO., Minneapolis. Index and Information Pages 197 to 212. Order Blank Pages 441 to 448. Drawing/illustration: unknown/unsigned.

Last Minute Selections. Unequalled in Style and Value. Descriptions of Styles on Opposite Page. BROADCLOTH SHIRT. FANCY TIE FREE. The New Shirt for Girls and Women. 13Z405 The proper thing to wear with our nobby sports wear skirts. Made of nice quality washable cotton broad cloth. Neat tailored style with one pocket. Full length sleeve with cuff fastened with pearl button. A pretty fancy knitted tie is given free with each shirt. Colors: White, tan or powder blue. Sizes 34 to 42 bust. State size and color. Ship. wt. 1 lb. Price each… $1.09. 13Z407 Same style shirt for Girls, ages 8 to 14 years. State size. Colors: White, tan or powder blue. Price each… 98¢. FINE ALL WOOL FLANNEL. Be Up to Date with The New Style Sports Wear Skirt. Made of splendid quality All Wool Flannel. The three gores are graduated in style with the center of each pressed in a sharp pleat in flare effect. Small hip pocket. Pretty fancy colored belt free with each skirt. Sizes 24 to 34 waist band. Lengths, 23 to 25 inches. State size and color. Ship. wt. 1¼ lbs. 13Z401 Colors: Red, Gracklehead blue or Palmetto green. Shipping wt. ¼ lbs. Price… $3.98. 13Z403 Same skirt in girls sizes. 8 to 14 years. Colors: Red, Gracklehead blue or Palmetto green. Price, each… $3.48. ALL SILK SATIN FACED CHARMEUSE. NOTE THE NEW BAT WING SLEEVE. Expensive Appearance—Low in Price. New indeed are the models that give you the expensive appearance at low price as this dress does. Made of soft durable silk satin faced charmeuse. The new bat wing sleeve is an attractive feature. Sleeves, collar, cuffs, and front piped with silk crepe of a contrasting color. Wide shirring and ruffle of plain color silk crepe finish the low waist line. Further finished with streamer ties and fancy buttons. Sizes 32 to 42 bust. Shipping wt. 1½ lbs. Length 43 to 49 inches. Give size, length and color. 13Z207 French Blue. 13Z209 Green. Price… $6.98. FAST COLOR LINON. Guaranteed Fast Color. As pretty a fancy apron as you can find made of heavy fast color cotton linen that looks like real linen. Pretty figured pattern in bright colors on grounds of Copen, Rose or Tangerine. Two large pockets. Ties in the back. Protects front back of dress. Shipping wt. 10 oz. 13Z703 Colors as described. Price… 79¢. HEAVY CHIFFON RAYON. 8 TO 14 YRS. Girl's Chiffon Rayon Dress. This smart two piece style will instantly appeal to you as it is made of the popular chiffon rayon that is so pretty. Separate jacket with large tie and trimming of figured rayon. Separate belt and two pockets. The separate skirt set on a fitted muslin bodice and finished with wide box pleats. Sizes 8 to 14 years. State size and color. Ship. wt. 1 lb. 13Z601 Rose. 13Z603 Tan. Price… $2.48. SILK MIXTURE CREPE. 13 TO 19 YRS. Figured Silk Mixture Canton Crepe. A dress of rich beauty and big value sold to you as a special leader for $5.98. The material, a pretty silk mixture crepe gives complete satisfaction and is one of the popular fabrics used this season. Fine ecru lace collar and silk satin faced ribbon trimming. Full length sleeves with ribbon trimmed cuffs. Loose edge band at waist line with shirring gives the skirt the proper width. Sizes 13 to 19 years or 31 to 37 bust. Lengths 43 to 45 inches. State size and color. Ship. wt. 1½ lbs. 13Z211 Green. 13Z213 Tan. Price… $5.98. ALL WOOL NOVELTY UNIVERSITY SUIT. SIZES 32 TO 40. The Swell New Coat Suit. Splendid all wool Fancy Sports wear Tweed fashions this suit and gives you the best that money can buy in style and service. The coat can be worn alone and is the very latest model with double breasted front, tailored lapels and pleated flare at each side that is very charming. Lined with fine satin finished grey cotton de chene. The separate skirt is the very newest sports wear model with two deep kick pleats in front inlaid with bright colored scotch plaid. Small handkerchief pocket. Handsome fancy belt. Sizes 32 to 40 bust. State size and color. Shipping wt. 4½ lbs. 13Z109A Grey mixture. 13Z111A Brown Mixture. Price… $16.75. 13Z113A Coat alone. Price… $11.98. 13Z115 Skirt alone sizes 24 to 34 waist band. 23 to 25 length. Price… $4.98. FUR COLLARS ARE STYLISH. ALL WOOL VELOUR. SIZES 32 TO 40. A Coat With Class and Quality. On our Introductory Page we are showing Only Exceptional Values and this coat is no exception. Made of summer weight fine all wool velour. Pretty collar of soft light colored French Coney fur. Handsomely finished on cuffs and front lapels with rich gilt and colored embroidery. Large buttons and loop fastening one side effect. Fully lined with figured brocaded rayon. Color of material and trimming harmonize perfectly. For Misses or small women. Sizes 32 to 40 bust. Length about 43 inches. State size and color. Shipping wt. 4 lbs. 13Z101A Tan. 13Z103A French Blue. Price… $12.98. ALL WOOL SPORTS PLAID. 13 TO 19 YRS. Youthful, Smart and Good. A coat expressing youthful charm and the latest sports wear style made of excellent all wool plaid. Tailored turnover collar and cuffs of wool velour of a plain contrasting color. Two fancy pockets in a new style one above the other. Narrow belt of the material. Fully lined with silk finished fancy rayon. Length about 33 inches. Sizes 13 to 19 years or 33 to 39 inches bust. State size and color. Shipping wt. 3½ lbs. 13Z105A Rose plaid. 13Z107A Brown plaid. Price… $10.98. SILK AND WOOL MIXED. 10 TO 16 YRS. Fancy Plaid Coat for Girls. This girls' coat has plenty of style and is made of one of the season's newest silk and wool mixture fancy plaid materials. Trimmed on collar and pockets with plain velour of a contrasting color. Large button fastening one side effect. Fully lined with good mercerized sateen. Two pockets. A splendid value. Sizes 10 to 16 years. State size and color. Shipping wt. 3 lbs. 13Z301A Tan and rose plaid. 13Z303A Tan and blue plaid. Price… $6.48. Give Correct Size—Take Measurements Carefully. IT'S EASY TO ORDER. Every Page in This Catalogue Offers You Attractive Values. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded.

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[Photograph of E. B. SAVAGE, President and General Manager of M. W. Savage Co.] Dear Friend: I am very glad indeed to hand you herewith your copy of our Spring and Summer No. 50 Catalogue for the year 1927. I am confident that you will be greatly interested in this catalogue as I believe it is one of the best catalogues that we have ever issued for Spring and Summer Business. If you will look through this catalogue carefully you will find a complete line of merchandise, and many of these articles you will want to purchase within the next few months, and at prices which we believe are a great deal less than you can secure the merchandise for through the ordinary retail channels. There have been many price reductions within the last few months on merchandise and these reductions are being passed on to you in the way of lowered prices. The M. W. Savage Co. is strictly a Northwestern Mail Order House located in Minneapolis, the Gateway of the Northwest, and handles merchandise which is suitable to the requirements of Northwestern consumers. We have built up one of the largest businesses of its kind, catering to one geographical section exclusively and we feel we are in as good or in fact in a little better position to take care of your Mail Order requirements than similar houses. The merchandise which you purchase from the M. W. Savage Co. is merchandise which is suitable to your needs and requirements as a Northwestern resident. Hundreds of thousands of consumers in the Northwest have found it to their advantage to make the M. W. Savage Co. their mail order trading center. You can absolutely rely upon complete satisfaction on any transaction which you have with the M. W. Savage Co. If anything is not right we want to make it so and no transaction is ended until the customer is entirely satisfied. It would be appreciated a great deal by myself and the personnel of the company if you would show your copy of our 1927 Spring and Summer Catalogue to any of your friends and neighbors who do not have a copy and tell them that we would be very glad to mail a copy to any consumer in the Northwest upon receipt of a post card request. Please look the catalogue over carefully for the more you use this catalogue the greater your savings will be. Savage's prices are down just as low as it is possible to sell high quality merchandise, and we are positive that our low prices will be the means of saving you from 10 to 30 percent depending upon the class of merchandise. Why pay higher retail prices? The mail order method of merchandising has proved to be one of the most economical methods as is shown by the greatly increased sales of the Mail Order houses. Yours sincerely, E. B. SAVAGE, President and General Manager. SEND TO SAVAGE—MINNEAPOLIS. Every Page In This Catalogue Offers You Attractive Saving Possibilities. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded. [Page] 1

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„Frühjahrsmäntel die Ihnen eine große Ersparnis ermöglichen“ (engl. „Spring Coat Styles That Make You A Big Saving in Price“). Drei Damenmäntel und ein Sportmantel (drittes Modell) aus „wool polaire“, Poiret Wolle, groß kariertem Wollstoff oder Woll-Velours. Der Sportmantel ist überdies mit Mufflonfell (Wildschaf) verbrämt und das zweite Modell mit grauem nicht näher definiertem grauen Pelz. Alle Mäntel werden mittels eines großen Knopfes seitlich geschlossen. Seitliche Paneele aus Stickereien oder Tressen sowie aufgesetzte Taschen geben den Mänteln das besondere Etwas.

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Damenmäntel für das Frühjahr aus Tweed in Fischgrätenmuster, Woll-Velours, Woll-Veloursleder und Poiret Wolle. Sämtliche Mäntel sind mit einem Pelzröllchen aus Kaninchen am Kragen ausgestattet, das bei einem Modell bis zum Saum hinuntergeführt ist. Die Aufmachungen der Modelle sind recht schlicht gehalten. Einzelne große Zierknöpfe, Stickereien an den Ärmeln, Paspeln und Ziernähte wurden sparsam verwendet.

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Damenmäntel für das Frühjahr aus „woll polaire“, Woll-Velours, Tweed und Poiret-Wolle. Zwei der Mäntel sind mit Pelzröllchen am Kragen aus Kaninchen- und Eichhörnchenfell verbrämt. Der erste Mantel ist mit Tressen und Paspeln verziert. Wie der erste Mantel zeigt auch der zweite Mantel Paspeln und ist mit vielen großen Knöpfen versehen. Der dritte zweireihige Mantel ist ein sportliches Modell mit aufgesetzten Taschen. Das vierte Modell zeigt seitliche Paneele mit Stickereien sowie Unterärmel, die mit Blenden versehen sind.

P. 5

„Attraktive Modelle die sich jeder leisten kann“ (engl. „Attractive Styles That All Can Afford“). Vier Frühjahrsmäntel aus 90 Prozent Wolle, Woll-Velours-Mischgewebe, „woll polaire“ und Poiret Wolle. Der Kragen des vierten Modells von rechts ist mit einem Pelzstreifen aus französischem Kaninchen besetzt. Der erste Mantel ist ein Sportmantel und ist mit Streifen aus demselben Mantelmaterial sowie mit Knöpfen verschönt. Das zweite und vierte Modell sind mit Stickereien versehen. Seitliche Paneele und Paspeln werten das dritte Modelle auf.

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„Pfiffige Moden für den Backfisch oder die junge Frau“ (engl. „Smart Styles for the Junior Miss or Young Woman“). Frühjahrs- und Sportmäntel für junge Damen im Alter von 13 bis 19 Jahren. Die Mäntel sind aus kariertem Wollgewebe, „wool polaire“, Woll-Velours oder Tweed mit Fischgrätenmuster. Die Mäntel zeigen aufgesetzte Taschen und interessant gearbeitete Ärmelstulpen. Geschlossen werden die Modelle entweder mittels einem großen Knopf oder über zwei Knöpfe (zweireihige Exemplare).

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Sechs modische Damenkleider aus Seiden-Krepp, importiertem japanischen Seiden-Pongee oder Rohseide, Seiden-Satin Krepp sowie bedrucktem Seiden-Rayon-Mischgewebe. Ein Kleid im Kolonialstil mit breitem, besticktem Kragen, Medaillon sowie kleine mit Silberfäden bestickte Taschen am Kleid oben links. Zweites Modell mit kurzen Ärmeln und abgesteppter Schulterpartie und auch am Rockansatz. Das dritte Kleid zeigt Reihenziehung am Rockansatz sowie einen Einsatz und Unterärmel mit Stickerei. Das vierte Modell von links hat einen Rock mit Kellerfalten und ein doppeltes Taillenband. Schleifen und leichte Stickereien, leicht gepuffte Unterärmel sowie farblich abstechende Garnituren sind an den oberen und unteren Modellen zu finden.

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Sechs feine Nachmittags-, Tages- und Sommerkleider aus Seiden-Crêpe de Chine, schimmerndem und mattem Seiden Krepp, matt glänzendem Rayon Krepp und leicht waschbarer Rohseide. Die Kleider zeigen farblich abstechende und bedruckte Garnituren, schmale Paspeln, Schleifchen, bestickte Ärmel oder flächige Stickereien. Zwei Kleider mit Brusteinsatz. Die Röcke sind entweder aus plissiertem Material oder vorne geteilt oder auch mit Kellerfalte versehen, so dass der Blick auf einen bestickten oder gemusterten Rockteil frei wird.