Hamilton Garment Co., Spring/Summer 1924

Fashion from the catalog of the Hamilton Garment Company department store and mail order company from New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., for spring and summer 1924.

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Cover or front page of the mail order catalog of the Hamilton Garment Company department store, then located on 307 Fifth Avenue, New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., for spring and summer 1924. FIFTH AVENUE STYLES for SPRING and SUMMER 1924. HAMILTON GARMENT CO., 307 Fifth Avenue, New York City. The cover features the American silent film actress May McAvoy (1901-1984) under contract to the Hollywood studio Paramount Pictures at the time. Photo: unknown/unsigned.

All Prices Radically Reduced In Our Tremendous Drive For Half-a-Million New Customers! The most astounding values ever offered by a Mail-order house! We are making a tremendous drive for half-a-million new customers and as a result have so greatly reduced our prices that every woman will immediately grasp these wonderful bargain opportunities in every line of women's and children's apparel. Hamilton's million customers will be quick to take advantage of these record breaking prices in this new catalog for Spring and Summer. We want YOU, too, for a NEW Customer! Hamilton customers already know the great advantage of buying Fifth Avenue Styles at Less Than Mail Order Prices. From coast to coast you will find discriminating, careful buyers who appreciate the opportunity of shopping in New York City at prices at least 33% to 50% less than the prices in their local stores. Here are sound logical reasons why Hamiltons is the fastest growing Mail-Order house in America! Our Styles. The Latest! Hamilton's styles come direct from Fifth Avenue—the very same models we are selling in our Fifth Avenue building to New York's well dressed women. Our Quality. The Best! No matter how low the price, we insist on the finest fabrics and best workmanship we can obtain at the price. You can depend on the label in every garment. All Postage Free! We prepay the postage on all orders. This means that you have all the advantages of shopping in New York at no additional expense because of the distance. 24-Hour Service! Hamilton's is now organized to ship 98% of all orders the day they are received. Another advantage in shopping through the pages of this wonderful Hamilton catalog. We Guarantee Hamilton Prices To Be The Lowest in America! If, before June 1, you can buy the same garments for less we will refund the difference. You are the Judge! References: The Chemical National Bank and The Central Union Trust Co. HAMILTON GARMENT CO. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY

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These attractive and ASTONISHING waist VALUES will give unusually practical service. Fine Dimity. 9206. You will get much wear and service as well as style from this crisp and striped Dimity Blouse. Its youthful, round collar and neat turn-back cuffs are of Swiss Eyelet embroidery with picot edging as is also the button-trimmed front plait. A silk bow finishes the neck. Colors: White or Tan. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $1.65. Printed Cotton Crepe. 9205. Both the popular Printed Cotton Crepe in lovely colorings and the stylish design makes this Side-tie Blouse extremely desirable and a wonderful value. Gathered into a belt which fastens with buttons and sash tie. The becoming collar extends into stylish tuxedo effect. Colors: Harmonizing colors on Copen, Gray or Bisque Backgrounds. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $1.00. Lonsdale Jean. 9203. Regulation Middy Blouse of genuine White Lonsdale Jean with all the marks of the real sports blouse. Sailor collar finished with Sailor or Sport tie. Sleeves are long with buttoned cuffs. Patch pocket at side. Sizes, 34 to 38 only. Price… 98¢. Khaki Twill. 9204. The same style as 9203 in Khaki Twill. Price… 98¢. Fine Voile. 9202. A wonderful value in a trim little tailored waist of White Voile. Looks new after each tubbing. Dainty tucks finish each side of the button-trimmed front. The becoming collar of Linon with Swiss Eyelet embroidery is finished with black bow. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… 89¢. Fine Voile. 9200. Dainty little Slip-over of fine quality White Voile. Front trimmed with wide band of Filet lace and tucks. Peter Pan collar of Filet lace and edging. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… 98¢. Cotton Pongee. 9201. Excellent blouse for morning, business, travelling, etc., of Tan Cotton Pongee. Keeps clean long and washes well. Smartly made with narrow fluting of Pongee to trim front plait and Peter Pan collar which is finished with Black bow. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… 89¢. Novelty Weave Minuette. 9207. Durable and lustrous Fibre Silk Minuette in a novelty weave makes this a very practical and summery waist. In popular slip-over style with belt and insert in a novelty silk trimming. Navy, Bisque or Sheik (Henna). Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $1.50. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Waists that cost little and wear long! Page 1

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We GUARANTEE HAMILTON PRICES LOWER than any other house in America! French Voile. HAND MADE. 9208. This Hand Made Waist of French Voile is extremely dainty. Even the little tucks at shoulder are "run" with tiny hand stitches. Collar, cuffs and front frill are of lovely hand drawn-work. White Only. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $2.95. Silk Pongee. 9209. Silk Pongee—one of the most practical fabrics—makes this novelty silk embroidery trimming in contrasting brown is used for the cuffs and collar. Tan Only. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $2.95. Cotton Pongee. 9210. Same style as 9209 in Tan Cotton Pongee. Price… $1.25. Dimity. HAND MADE. 9211. It's all Hand Made—this fine White Dimity Waist with its trimming of hand-drawn work, French embroidery and Picot edging. Tubs beautifully. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $1.95. Embossed Tricosham. 9212. Embossed Tricosham (heavy closely woven knitted Fibre Silk) makes this dressy and durable Slip-over Blouse. The fabric is so lovely with its exquisite embossed design that it needs no other trimming. Colors: Black, Navy or Brick (Henna). Sizes, 32 to 46. Price… $3.95. Voile. HAND MADE. 9213. All Hand Made Blouse of White Voile with the tiniest hand stitches. Front, collar and cuffs are formed of really exquisite hand drawn-work. The lace and even the seams are done by hand. 34 to 46. Price… $1.89. Broadcloth. 9214. This little Slip-over Blouse of Silk English Broadcloth tubs beautifully and also combines all the qualities of the tailored and sports waist. Front plait and Peter Pan collar are neatly finished with fine fluting of the self material. Just a few gathers at the shoulder give pretty fulness down the front where it is again gathered into a well fitting over-belt. White Only. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $2.25. Tan Silk Pongee. 9216. Of excellent quality Silk Pongee in Slip-over style that is suitable for both tailored and sports wear. Fastens at side. The becoming sailor collar is finished with tie of self material. Tan Only. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $2.95. Tan Cotton Pongee. 9217. This style illustrated at left also makes a most charming waist in fine quality Cotton Pongee. This fabric gives excellent service and washes beautifully. Sizes, 34 to 46. Tan Only. Price… 98¢. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Sheer waists for summer wear! Page 2

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If before June 1, you can buy the same garments for less we will refund the difference! All Silk Crepe de Chine. 9218. Slip-over Blouse of unusually fine quality Silk Crepe de Chine made very dressy by elaborate Beading. Entire front is exquisitely designed in shimmery black beads with harmonizing bead motif on each sleeve. The round, becoming neck is finished with narrow cord of self material. Colors: Navy, Bisque or Pearl Gray. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $4.95. Fine Tricosham. 9219. Over-blouse of practical, durable Tricosham "Fibre" silk knitted material that looks rich and wears well. It gets much of its smartness from the contrasting bands of Printed Tricosham that trim front, sleeves, cuffs and belt. This trimming is set in with dainty beading. Colors: Navy or Bisque with harmonizing Printed Colorings for trimming. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $3.95. All Silk Crepe de Chine. 9220. Here is a very dressy Over-blouse unusually fine quality Silk Crepe de Chine trimmed with motifs of colorful embroidery and groups of fine tucks. Front band and narrow pipings of contrasting color to harmonize with the embroidery. New wrist length sleeves. A very wonderful bargain. Colors: Navy with Bisque, or French Blue with Gray, or Tan, or Bisque with Navy. Sizes, 34 to 46… $4.95. All Silk Crepe de Chine. 9221. Fabric, style and trimming all unite to make this a most desirable over-blouse made in a very heavy Silk Crepe de Chine and elaborately embroidered in narrow silk soutach braid in combination colors. Long slashed style sleeves. Navy, Bisque or French Blue. Sizes, 34 to 46… $5.95. All Silk Crepe de Chine. 9223. Slip-over Blouse, of heavy quality Silk Crepe de Chine. The side is trimmed with wide stitched silk chenille band in contrasting color with the same effect at cuff. The unusual belt is cleverly shirred. Navy with Tan, Bisque with Copen, Brick with Copen. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $6.95. All Silk Crepe de Chine. 9222. Printed Silk Crepe de Chine makes this charming Slip-over Blouse. The becoming Peasant style of neck is piped in plain silk with bands of the same to trim cuffs and belt. Unusually pretty color combination on Navy, Bisque or Gray backgrounds. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $5.95. All Silk Crepe de Chine. 9224. Daintiness in every line of this very fine blouse. Of excellent quality Silk Crepe de Chine designed in a novel adaptation of the slip-over style. Filet and Val lace and insertion, fine embroidery and tucks are all used in its dainty trimming. White, Flesh or Bisque. Sizes, 34 to 46. Price… $4.95. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. Economy is price combined with quality! Page 3

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PHOTOGRAPHS OF LIVING MODELS—the CAMERA ALWAYS tells the TRUTH! What Type of Hat for YOU? Just think back over your favorite hats—the ones you always knew were just right—and you will find certain characteristics about YOUR Hat. Are you inclined to be small? Be sure your hat is not broad of brim. Are you rather tall? It is likely a rather large brimmed style will look well. Choose your hat from these pages carefully—even scientifically—and your friends will surely like it. 2200. A favored change from the usual "off the face" model is this beautifully proportioned wide brim hat, gracefully rolling back and front and on one side, made of a fine quality Visca Cloth, with upper brim of Taffeta Silk, trimmed with a burnt ostrich fancy. Colors: Black, Sand or New Blue. Price… $4.45. 2201. There is a smart difference about this universally becoming, drooping brim model, that can only be found in higher priced models. Made of fine Visca Cloth, the side crown of pleated Taffeta silk. Trimmed with finest quality curled Ostrich band. Colors: Black, Sand or China Green. Price… $5.45. 2202. Fascinating, stylish and universally becoming model, wide brim, rolling slightly in the front, made of fine Visca Cloth, faced with Satin, producing a pleasing soft effect. Trimmed with three large Velvet poppies in harmonizing colors. Colors: Black, Sand or China Blue. Price… $4.75. 2203. A favored model is this modified "Poke" shape, turned up slightly in the back, made of fine quality Tagal Braid, hand embroidered in pleasing designs, with silk chenille in bright harmonizing colors on the crown and edge of brim—an unusual hat at an unusual price. Colors: Sand, Gray, Black or Navy. Price… $3.45. 2204. The most popular tailored Felt hat in the country today. High grade felt, hand dipped, to produce this unusual mottled effect, suitable for all sport or dress wear by Ladies or Misses. Colors: Sand or Gray with harmonizing mottled effect, or All White. Price… $3.25. 2205. Here is a most remarkable model, embodying all of the newest features. It is made of fine quality Milan Hemp in a pleasing "off the face" roll. Crown is cut into four sections, each section bound with hair braid; edge of brim also bound. Trimmed with narrow ribbon. Colors: Sand, Black or China Red. Price… $3.45. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Our money back guarantee protects you fully! Page 4

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MODERATELY PRICED HATS FOR EVERY TYPE AND FOR EVERY OCCASION! FOR MATRONS. 2206. For Matrons—Stylish, draped model made of narrow "Hair Braid," narrow brim of silk. Trimmed with burnt ostrich fancy. Colors: Black, Brown or Navy. Price… $4.75. FOR MATRONS. 2207. For Matrons—Universally becoming side roll model of fine Visca Cloth, the side crown of pleated "Hair Braid," ornamented with a burnt ostrich fancy. Colors: Black only. Price… $3.95. FOR MATRONS. 2208. Matrons' youthful model, made of "Hair Cloth" beautifully draped. Ornamented with two celluloid quills. Colors: Black, Brown or Navy. Price… $4.95. 2209. For sport or outing wear, fashionable model for Ladies or Misses. Made of fine quality, Glossy Straw Braid, ornamented with glossy straw quill. Colors: Sand, Navy or Black. Price… $1.95. 2210. This popular slightly upturned brim model is sure to please you. Crown made of Fibre Silk Lace, the brim of Faille Silk. Colors: Sand, Gray or Black. Price… $4.95. 2211. Soft, self conforming model, made of Metal Brocade. Suitable for Ladies or Misses. Black and Silver combination only. Price… $2.95. 2212. Wonderfully stylish and becoming hat at a wonderfully low price. Made of fancy Visca Cloth with "Hair Braid" on the edge. Trimmed with cluster of fruits and foliage. Colors: Black, Sand or Navy. Price… $2.95. 2213. Beautiful semi-poke shape made of Tagal Braid, trimmed with silk scarf; has cushion brim. Trimmed in contrasting colors. Colors: Sand, Copen or Red. Price… $2.45. 2214. For Sport and Outing wear nothing could be more adaptable than this fine Leghorn hat. Suitable for Ladies or Misses. Natural color only. Price… $2.45. 2215. Newest style, high crown Tam, made of six sections of Suede Duvetyn in contrasting colors. For Ladies or Misses. Colors: White and Black, Copen and Navy, or Sand and Brown. Price… $1.50. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. Be sure to state color wanted! Page 5

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WE PREPAY THE POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS—AND GUARANTEE TO PLEASE YOU! 2216. Wide brim model, turned up slightly front and back, that is becoming alike to Ladies or Misses. Made of fine Visca Cloth, faced and trimmed with Taffeta silk. Colors: All Black, Brown, with Sand facing, or Navy with Copen facing. Price… $3.95. Hat [with matching] Silk Scarf. 2217. Refined and stylish modified poke model, made of cloth entirely covered with embroidery in silk floss, in harmonizing colors. Trimmed and faced with Taffeta silk. Colors: Sand, Navy or Copen. Price… $3.75. 2218. One of the most popular dressy models, medium sized shape turned up slightly in front, made of fine Visca Cloth, gracefully draped. Trimmed with long Ostrich Feather of the finest quality, covering the back and falling gracefully over the side. Colors: Black, Oakwood or Copen. Price… $5.95. 2219. Always fashionable and popular, slightly drooping brim sailor. Made of finest quality Fancy Straw Braid. Trimmed with grosgrain ribbon band and bow. Colors: Sand, Navy or Black. Price… $1.75. 2220. Dainty, youthful model, suitable for Ladies or Misses. Crown made of Taffeta Silk, the brim, sash and collar of Silk Georgette. Embroidered with silk floss and ornamented with pearls. Colors: Copen, Pink or Sand. Price… $3.75. 2221. Large Milan shape with fancy indented crown; trimmed with wreath of large Daisies and loops of satin ribbon. Colors: White, Sand or Navy. Price… $4.25. 2222. For Sports wear nothing can compare with this feather weight Suede Leather hat, stylish and practically indestructible. Colors: Light Brown, Jade, Copen or Red. Price… $4.95. 2223. Very dressy and universally becoming model made of fine quality Silk Georgette. Trimmed with small Poppies on the crown and beads on the upper brim. Finished with narrow silk ribbon. Colors: White, China Yellow or Sand. Price… $5.95. 4216. Attractive woven Silk Scarf made of heavy Faille Silk in Roman stripes; self fringed. Light or Dark effects. Price… $2.95. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Choose your hat carefully! Page 6

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Smart, "chic," Distinctive moderately priced Millinery! 2224. Always stylish and universally becoming drooping brim model made of "Hair Braid," trimmed with large red muslin rose and narrow silk ribbon. Colors: Black, Copen or White. Price… $2.95. 2225. Fine Milan is used in this sport and dress model, one of the most favored shapes for Ladies or Misses. Trimmed with draped silk. Colors: White, Sand or Black. Price… $3.25. 2226. An exact copy of a Paris model is presented in this Turban shape with short drooping brim; made of fine Visca Cloth. Trimmed with an exquisite wreath of fine fruits and flowers. Colors: Black, Copen or Brown. Price… $4.95. 2227. The vogue for Ostrich Feathers is increasing. In this popular model you will find a becoming, stylish hat made of fine Visca Cloth, trimmed with a fine quality Ostrich plume with willowed end. Colors: Navy trimmed with Copen Ostrich; Sand trimmed with Brown Ostrich or All Black with Black Ostrich. Price… $7.95. 2228. Only in the most exclusive millinery shops in the large cities will you find the equal of this model. Made of Tagal, the side crown of Faille silk. Embroidered with metal braid and colored stones. Colors: Sand, Gray, China Blue or Black. Price… $5.45. 2229. Pasted Feather Turban of the better kind, better work and better materials than are usually used in a hat at this price. An always becoming model for Ladies or Misses. Colors: Sand, Copen or Navy. Price… $1.95. 2230. Never before have you had the opportunity of securing a hat of this quality at so low a price. Made of fine quality smooth Visca Cloth, trimmed with large muslin rose and foliage. Suitable for Ladies or Misses. Colors: Sand, Jade, Black or Copen. Price… $2.75. 2231. Flowers and fruits for Spring and Summer trimmings are very stylish; on this model they are used in profusion. Hat made of fancy Visca Cloth, tastefully draped. Colors: Copen, Sand or Red. Price… $3.45. 4217. Beautiful Silk Scarf, printed in Oriental design. Hand knotted fringed ends. Light or Dark colors. Price… $1.95. 307 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. Full directions for ordering on inside back cover. Page 7

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We Are Famous for our FINE MILLINERY! The hats on this page are specially designed for Bobbed Hair or Women with small features or small heads. IN AVERAGE SIZE ALSO. 2232. Charming model with drooping brim of Visca Cloth. Crown of wide grosgrain Silk Ribbon, finished with large bow and loops. Colors: Black, Sand or Navy. Price… $3.45. 2233. Same as 2232 made with average head size. Price… $3.45. IN AVERAGE SIZE ALSO. 2234. Exquisite girlish model; crown made of fancy Visca Braid, soft drooping brim of silk Georgette. Trimmed with wreath of flowers and fruits in natural colors and narrow ribbon. Colors: Sand, Jade or Orchid. Price… $3.45. 2235. Same as 2234 made with average head size. Price… $3.45. 2236. For sport and dress; drooping brim model, made of Tagal Braid. Trimmed with draped silk, printed in pleasing design. Colors: Sand, Red or Copen. Price… $2.95. IN AVERAGE SIZE ALSO. 2237. Dainty model, pleasing to the eye and becoming to the wearer. Taffeta Silk crown with an embroidered medallion, brim of Georgette Silk with fancy braid on edge. Colors: Copen, Sand or Bright Green. Price… $3.95. 2238. Same as 2237 made with average head size. Price… $3.95. 2239. Pleasing and popular model, made of finest quality Felt, trimmed with large rosette of silk grosgrain ribbon. Very unusual value. Colors: Sand, Black or Gray. Price… $3.75. IN AVERAGE SIZE ALSO. 2240. Refined and distinctive model. Quartered crown made of fine Visca cloth. Turned up brim of silk laid in horizontal folds. Colors: Black, Navy or Sand. Price… $4.95. 2241. Same as 2240 made with average head size. Price… $4.95. 2242. Youthful model made of fancy pattern Straw Braid, turned up slightly in front and back. Trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. Colors: Black, Brown or Navy. Price… $2.45. IN AVERAGE SIZE ALSO. 2243. It is seldom you have the opportunity of securing a model of this class! Faille Silk, heavily embroidered and stitched in harmonizing colors; ornamented with wood beads. Colors: Sand, Royal Blue or Black. Price… $4.95. 2244. Same as 2243 made with average head size. Price… $4.95. 2245. Fine quality Milan Straw braid, turned up in front. Trimmed with large Hackle feather fancy. Colors: Black, Sand or Navy. Price… $3.95. IN AVERAGE SIZE ALSO. 2246. The pleasing effect of this model is remarkable. Made of Tagal plateau, the upper brim and side crown of Taffeta Silk, tastefully embroidered. Colors: Sand, Royal Blue or Jade. Price… $4.45. 2247. Same as 2246 made with average head size. Price… $4.45. THE HAMILTON GARMENT CO. Latest shapes and colors from New York! Page 8