Bellas Hess & Co., Herbst/Winter 1923

Mode aus dem Versandhauskatalog Nr. 109 der Frima Bellas Hess & Company aus New York City, New York, USA für Herbst und Winter 1923-24.

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Titelseite bzw. Cover des Versandhauskatalogs Nr. 109 der Firma Bellas Hess & Company aus New York City, N.Y., USA für Herbst und Winter 1923-24. New York City Mode für Herbst und Winter 1923-1924. EIN MERKBLATT DAS JEDER MANN UND JEDE FRAU LESEN SOLLTE. Wir zahlen das Porto in Ihre Stadt, egal wo Sie wohnen, für alles in diesem KATALOG! Wir verkaufen keine billige Ware. Wir verkaufen gute Ware billig. Wenn Ihr Urteilsvermögen Ihnen sagt, dass es wirtschaftlich ist, gute Ware zu kaufen - - die neueste New Yorker Mode, und das zu einem günstigen Preis, dann möchten wir, dass Sie bei uns kaufen. Wenn Sie nur billige Ware wollen, können Sie nicht bei uns kaufen, denn wir verkaufen sie nicht. Lassen Sie uns erklären, was wir meinen. Leider erzählen die Abbildungen nicht die ganze Wahrheit. Sie zeigen nicht, ob ein Damenrock nachlässig gearbeitet wurde. Sie zeigen nicht, ob der Mantel für den Herrn nach feinsten Maßstäben gefertigt ist. Sie zeigen nicht, ob er billig oder gut verarbeitet ist. Der Schnitt, die Passform, die Verarbeitung und die Qualität eines Kleidungsstücks, sei es für einen Mann, eine Frau oder ein Kind, entscheiden über die Lebensdauer und die Dauer des Gebrauchs dieses Kleidungsstücks. Das gewaltige Geschäft von BELLAS HESS & COMPANY wurde auf dem Grundsatz „NEW YORKS ALLERNEUESTE MODE - BESTE QUALITÄT DER WARE ZU NIEDRIGSTEN PREISEN“ aufgebaut. Wir stehen hinter diesem Wahlspruch mit unserer Geld-zurück-Garantie, wenn Sie mit Ihrem Kauf nicht zufrieden sind. WIR ZAHLEN ALLE TRANSPORTKOSTEN IN BEIDE RICHTUNGEN. ÜBER MOTTENSCHUTZ. LESEN SIE UNBEDINGT SEITE 3 DIESES KATALOGS. Dort wird Ihnen in allen Einzelheiten eine für jeden interessante Geschichte über die dauerhafte Mottenschutz-Imprägnierung von praktisch jedem Wollkleidungsstück in diesem Katalog erläutert. Dort erfahren Sie, wie das Material für die Mottenschutz-Behandlung verarbeitet wird. Sie erfahren dort, dass jedes unserer Kleidungsstücke mit einer Garantie gegen Mottenbefall ausgestattet ist. Eine Erfindung, die für die Hausfrau fast so wichtig ist wie es das RADIO für die heutige Welt gewesen ist. [Handgeschriebene Unterschrift des Geschäftsführers] Bellas Hess. [Für den links abgebildeten Damenmantel] siehe Seite 21. [Für den rechts abgebildeten Herrenmantel] siehe Seite 311. Die Nr. dieses Katalogs ist – 109. BELLAS HESS & CO., NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. [Seite 1]

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Damenmäntel im röhrenartigen Schnitt und weiten Ärmeln aus Woll-Velour und Woll-Bolivia.

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About Permanent Mothproofing! A subject of absorbing interest to everyone. (The U.S. Govt. Report Shows $200,000,000 Worth of Cloth Destroyed Each Year by Moths!) Showing the destructive Larvae at work. The Destroying Pests and the way they work! Few people realize that it is not the moth itself that destroys fabrics, but the "larvae" from the moths that work such havoc. The illustration on the left is from an actual photograph. It takes but a short time for these vicious little larvae to damage beyond repair any woolen garment. The actual process through which the materials used in the manufacture of our garments are passed to make them moth-proof and the Guarantee Bond, which is attached to each garment shipped you, is of intense interest, so we strongly advise that you read every word on this page. No More Moth Balls. No More Moth Bags. No More Cedar Chests. Like the Thief—Moths Enter Your Home Unseen. It is impossible to keep moths out of your house. They are attracted by the light at night, and the momentary opening of a door or a window is bound to admit them. Camphor, tobacco, moth bags and other household remedies that have been used from time immemorial to protect garments from these pests have been found by every housekeeper to be inadequate. This is the machine that steams LARVEX Moth Proofing through the cloth. The LARVEX Machine That Permanently Moth-Proofs the Cloth. LARVEX is the name for a chemical process that permanently moth-proofs fabrics. The process has been adopted by the highest class manufacturers of men's, women's and children's garments. Larvex Moth-Proofing is applied to the material while in the process of steaming and shrinking the fabric, thoroughly permeating the cloth and rendering it permanently moth-proof — this means moth-proofed for the entire life of the garment. Now the process instead of being detrimental to even the most delicate fabric is Positively Harmless and in reality Adds to the Strength, Elasticity and Durability of the cloth. It does Not Stain Nor Discolor fabrics. It is Odorless and it is Invisible, except to the moth. All the foremost manufacturers of highest grade wearing apparel are using the Larvex Moth-Proofing Process. Bellas Hess & Company handle only the finest manufactured goods, and consequently are now selling permanently moth-proofed garments. (MOTH PROOFING PROCESS THE LARVEX CORPORATION) Know the Satisfaction of Putting Away Garments Without Thinking of Moths. SAFE From Moths in an Ordinary Closet. Think of the satisfaction you can now have in simply hanging your garments away in any closet at the end of a season, with the bonded assurance and guarantee that they are protected by the LARVEX PERMANENT MOTH-PROOFING PROCESS, and that you hold this bond exactly the same as you would hold a life insurance policy. No more lining your closets with tar paper, no more buying moth balls, camphor, tobacco, etc. These are all now things of the past. Your Ironclad Bond. To every woolen garment from this catalog will be attached this tag in the form of a bond. This bond is issued by the Globe Indemnity Company, one of the strongest financial indemnity companies in the world, with a surplus of $3,500,000.00. In the event of moth damage, all you have to do is return the garment to us for a chemical analysis, and if it has been damaged by, moths, this damage will be made good. But there's no danger of moths hurting LARVEX MOTH-PROOFED fabrics, which are permanently moth-proofed and moths cannot damage them. Here is the BOND GUARANTEEING the Garment Against Moth Damage! (If During the Life or this — Garment the Cloth is Harmed in Any Way by Moth Damage, We GUARANTEE to make good such — Damage thru the Dealer from whom it was Purchased. Upon Presentation of this Certificate. The LARVEX Corporation.) Bellas Hess Pleases You or Refunds Your Money. [Page] 3

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Straight from NEW YORK to You! Postage FREE! Silk Seal Plush. Japanese Wolf Collar and Cuffs. Fashionable and Stunning. 5T125. You could desire no Coat more handsome in appearance than this one of Silk Seal Plush. It is wonderful value too, for the Silk Seal Plush is of excellent quality with dense, deep, very lustrous pile that gives it the appearance of expensive Hudson Seal Fur. A rich and luxurious trimming is the extra full collar and very deep and very wide cuffs of Japanese Wolf Fur—long haired, dense, silky, warm and durable. Styled with full loose back, the front being modified by half self sash finished with suspended silk seal pompons. Two pockets. Measures about 40 inches in length and is beautifully lined with handsome, lustrous Striped Venetian. Comes in black only. Sizes: For women 32 to 46 bust, also for misses and small women, 32 to 38 bust. Our Price, Postage Paid To Your Door… $19.98 Post. FREE. All Wool Bolivia. Full Lined. Manchurian Wolf Collar. Hand Embroidered. Certainly a Beautiful Wrap. 5T126. Fashionable and becoming straight line wrap Coat. Made of an excellent quality All-Wool Bolivia with velvety, lustrous, soft napped surface in characteristic Bolivia weave. The sleeves are cut in one with back and have deep self cuffs. Two rows of self tucks and rich looking, lustrous Hand Embroidery done in silk, finishes the back. The collar, which may be buttoned up snugly around neck or worn open, is of Manchurian Wolf Fur—dense haired, silky and warm; and fastening is fashionably effected at side-front with a self sash. Two slot pockets. Lined throughout with excellent quality Satin Striped Venetian. Measures about 48 ins. in length. Colors: Black or brown. Sizes: For women 32 to 46 bust, also for misses and small women, 32 to 38 bust. Guaranteed mothproof for entire a life of the garment. Our Price (Pstpd.) … $29.75 Post. FREE. Bellas Hess & Co., New York City, N. Y. GUARANTEED QUALITY—LOWEST PRICES. [Page] 6

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Both These Coats Are Wonderful Values! 24 Hour Service. Caracul Plush Silk. Brocade Lining. Chinchilla Collar. Looks Like a Million Dollars. 5T130. In appearance this Coat looks like a very expensive Caracul Fur Coat for the material, Caracul Plush, has the same markings, lustre and beauty as the genuine Caracul Fur. The collar which may be worn open or muffled snugly about the neck is of Chinchilette Fur, which is short haired, dense, and marked like the genuine and very expensive Chinchilla Fur. Coat is designed on straight lines and has the side-front closing caught by plaque ornaments. Full sleeves have deep self cuffs. Lined throughout with lustrous Silk Brocade. Length of coat about 48 inches. Color: Black only. Sizes: For women 32 to 46 bust, also for misses and small women, 32 to 38 bust. (Postpaid) … $38.95 Post. FREE. All Wool Suedine Velour. Full Lined. Beaverette Collar and Cuffs. How Smart! How Graceful! 5T131. This fashionable Coat is styled with a loose back and fastens at side-front with a large ornamental button and self sash. Made of high grade All-Wool Suedine Velour which has a soft napped, smooth, suede-like surface and is of good weight. The collar shown muffled up, and which may also be worn thrown open, is of Beaverette Fur—short haired, dense and silky. The same fur forms the deep and extra wide split cuffs. Lined throughout with Satin Striped Venetian. Colors: Navy blue, brown or reindeer. Measures about 48 inches in length. Sizes: For women 32 to 46 bust, also for misses and small women, 32 to 38 bust. Guaranteed moth-proof for entire life of the garment. (Pstpd.) … $24.50 Post. FREE. Stylish Hats to Go With These Coats on Pages 120 to 128. [Page] 7

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2 Fur Fabric Coats by Our Own Designers. Mr. Ellis takes just pride in this stunning Coat [5T146] of Caracul Plush, which is made according to his design. He has been very successful in turning out each season several of the best designed Coats in New York. Mr. Wilson said about this Coat [5T145] of Silk Seal Plush that he considers it one of the most graceful and handsome models he has ever designed. We feel sure that thousands of our customers will agree that it is a beauty. Japanese Wolf Collar. Silk Seal Plush. 5T145. From the back or front the view of this Coat is equally pleasing, for it has the new side-front closing, fastens with two ornamental plaques, and it is styled with a gracefully full, loose back. So handsome in appearance is this Coat, no matter which way it is viewed, that the only question in your mind will be "How is it possible to price it so low?" That question is even more difficult to understand when one takes into consideration the exceptional quality of Silk Seal Plush used. It has a very lustrous, dense, soft pile that is the very nearest thing you can find to genuine Hudson Seal Fur. The fur collar which may be buttoned up snugly about neck or worn open across shoulders is of dense, long-haired, lustrous Japanese Wolf Fur that is just as warm as it is durable. The very full butterfly sleeves have self cuffs and are finished with graceful, large, suspended silky tassels. Coat measures about 49 inches in length and is beautifully lined with lustrous Striped Venetian. Color: Black only. Sizes: For women, 32 to 46 bust; for misses, 32 to 38 bust. Our Price $28.95 (Post. FREE). Postage Paid To Your Door. 5T146. Why pay several hundred dollars for a genuine Caracul Fur Coat when you can get this one, made of Silk Caracul Plush, so close in appearance to the genuine Caracul Fur that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Then just think of what you save—that is a substantial sum in your pocket. In style it is a most attractive version of the new straight line silhouette and our designer claims, and justly, that it will be the best style straight line Fur fabric Coat of the season. Note how attractive is the new side-front closing, caught by a self sash and trimmed with a large novelty plaque ornament. A luxurious finish is the fluffy, soft, long-haired, dense and silky notation Fur collar pictured buttoned up around neck which may be worn just as attractively open across shoulders. Sleeves have deep self cuffs. Coat measures about 48 inches long and is handsomely lined with lustrous Striped Venetian. Color: Black only. Sizes: For women, 32 to 46 bust; for misses, 32 to 38 bust. Our Price… $24.95 (Post. FREE). Postage Paid To Your Door. Bellas Hess & Co., New York City, N. Y. GUARANTEED QUALITY—LOWEST PRICES. [Page] 10

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Teurere Wintermäntel mit Pelzverbrämung aus mandschurischem oder japanischem Wolfspelz.

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Der Damenmantel in der Mitte besticht durch seine handverarbeiteten Seidenstickereien.

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Mothproofed! Our Woolen Coats, Dresses, Suits, Skirts, Etc. are Mothproofed by the LARVEX Process (Read Page 3). All Wool Bolivia. Full Lined. 5T160. We got the design for this very practical and becoming Coat from England where they seemingly have a knack of combining wonderfully good style with becomingness and comfort. It is beautifully made of high grade, rich looking All-Wool Bolivia with a nice, velvety surface and rich subdued lustre. You will like its straight line silhouette emphasized by the panel effect front and back produced with raised welted seams. Welted seams also outline the full armholes and appear again on the full sleeves which have shaped self cuffs. Fastens at side-front with a self sash. Finished with a large convertible collar which may be worn open or buttoned up snugly around neck. Lined throughout with Satin Striped Venetian. Colors: Navy blue, brown or black. Sizes: For women, 32 to 46 bust; also for misses and small women, 32 to 38 bust. Length of coat about 48 inches. Guaranteed mothproof for entire life of the garment. Our Price, Postage Paid To Your Door… $23.95 (Post. FREE). Manchurian Wolf Collar. Silk Seal and Caracul Plush. Silk Brocade Lining. 5T161. Smart looking and very handsome model in which Silk Seal Plush and Caracul Plush have stunningly combined. The Silk Seal Plush which is of very high grade quality with deep lustrous pile forms the front and back panel and the Caracul Plush which is also a superior quality and looks like genuine Caracul fur in appearance forms the sides and the full flared sleeves. The huge collar which is a most graceful addition is of Manchurian Wolf Fur—long haired, silky, dense and which is as durable as it is warm. It looks equally well worn open, as pictured, snuggled more closely about neck or worn thrown flat over shoulders in cape effect. The coat is modeled on the straight line silhouette and closes at side front. A heavy silken braided girdle with suspended silky tassels completes the garment. Lined throughout with exquisite, lustrous Silk Brocade. Black only. Length of coat about 49 inches. Sizes: For women, 32 to 46 bust; also for misses and small women, 32 to 38 bust. (Postpaid) $34.95 (Post. FREE). We Take All The Risk Of Pleasing You. Your Money Back If We Fail. [Page] 13

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Direct from our PARIS OFFICE Comes the Design for this NEW CIRCULAR COAT the Biggest Style Hit in Years! London, Berlin, Brussels, Milano, Chemnitz, Bellas Hess & Co., Barcelona. Cable Address Bellashess. Telephone Bergere 56-51. Paris, Le 9th Aug. 1923. 35 Rue d'Hauteville. [Envelope] Bellas Hess & Co. 33 Rue de Hauteville. Paris (X-) Via Cherbourg. S/S Pres Roosevelt. Messrs Bellas Hess & Co. 95 Morton Street, New York, U.S.A. All Wool Lustrous Bolivia. Crepe de Chine Lined. Manchurian Wolf Collar. An Exclusive Model That Will Take America By Storm! 5T195. The style experts in our Paris office rushed us the design for this New Circular Flare Coat—the very latest and perhaps the best of all the new Paris Coat styles. It is an exclusive model—one that will surely take America by storm, and Belles Hess shows it first, for Bellas Hess is always several months ahead in showing the very latest and best styles. An exceptional quality of All-Wool Bolivia is the material used. It has a velvety, soft, lustrous pile surface with the characteristic Bolivia weave. It is in good substantial weight and will keep its rich appearance through long service. Very new is the collar, buttoned snugly at neck, which is cut in a new outline, as pictured, and is of dense, silky haired, very dressy looking Manchurian Wolf Fur. It may be worn open in novel outline (as shown in the small collar view) displaying the Bolivia richly trimmed with silk embroidery. Note the stunning lines of this wrap—the gracefully rippled, full circular flare skirt below hip, and the straight fitted lines above. Fastening is effected in a slanting line at side front terminating in a point, as shown in the small illustration. Rich silk embroidery trims the full flared sleeves and two stunning, long silk tassels attached to two large novelty button ornaments complete this stunning model. A Coat with exceptional, slender-looking grace. Exquisitely lined throughout with Brocaded Silk Crepe de Chine. Colors: Black, brown or Kit Fox (Gray). Sizes: For women 32 to 46 bust, also for misses 32 to 38 bust. Length: About 48 ins. Guaranteed mothproof for entire life of garment. Our Price, Postage Paid to Your Door… $48.75 Post. FREE. Bellas Hess & Co., New York City, N. Y. GUARANTEED QUALITY — LOWEST PRICES. [Page] 20